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Don't Worry, "Belt" Happy!

Belting Workshop Estill Model

More Practice, Less Theory

Be honest, is this you…

  • Tired of hearing this: “Don't belt! It ruins your voice!”
  • Your singing teacher said: "You certainly need more breath support for belting!"
  • You were told: "You need more "space" for belting!"

Then You Should Join Us...

 The workshop programme will include:


1. Brief introduction to the Estill Model


2. What is Belting?


3. Why we belt?


4. How we belt?


Suitable for: Singers, Voice Teachers, Actors – It is aimed at anyone who

wants to know more about Belting (Estill Model)


Workshop Details

Date: TBA

Time: TBA 

Presenter: Teik Poi Tan

Language: English / German

Fees: TBA

Venue: TBA



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