Your Technical Vocal Coach

For Choirs and Groups: And Children's Choirs Too!!

Dear Conductors, 


Be honest, are you facing any of these challenges? 

  • Singers sound too breathy when they sing?
  • Tenors can't sing that high?
  • Altos sing too sharp on the descending passages?
  • Basses break into "falsetto" or "stiff" at the high notes?
  • Sopranos have weak middle voices? Can't be heard?

Imagine you can help your singers...

  • eliminate involuntary breathy sounds when they sing...
  • get rid of the embarrasing vocal cracks in the range...
  • fix intonation or pitch problems...

Engage me...

  • Discover how fact-based vocal techniques help your singers. No more myths!
  • Your singers will gain better control of their own voices.

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