Your Technical Vocal Coach

What can you do with your voice? Let me show you...

Estill Introductory Workshop

- Is Estill for you?

- Who was Jo Estill?

- What is Estill Voice Training?

- How your voice works?


Want to know more? Join us! 

Don't Worry, "Belt" Happy!

- You think you need more breath for belting?

- You think you need more "space" for belting?


Then you should come to my workshop!

Estill Practice Group

You wish...

to have more time to practise the figures?

 - to develop your practical skills in the Estill model? 


Small group,  big results!

For Choirs & Groups

Isn't it frustrating when ...

- you have "tone-deaf" singers in your choirs? (and they tend to sing louder than others!)

- your singers can't sing high? 


Engage me...

One-to-One Coaching

You wish...

- to have personal attention? 

- to have more privacy?


Together, we can make things happen!

Skype Vocal Training

It is cool...

- You can have vocal training from the comfort of your own home.

- You can save time and money by not having to travel for vocal training.

- You can have vocal training from anywhere in the world.

Online lessons can offer much more affordable options...