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Dear Coaches & Conductors,

Be honest, are you tired of…

  • Feeling guilty as a vocal coach, because most of the time you do not know HOW to help your students solve their voice problems?
  • Teaching your students myths and misconceptions in your voice studio, because you inherited these “teaching methods” from your previous teachers or professors?
  • Facing the fact that you do not know how to teach pop vocal technique?
  • Hearing this from your students: "My teacher doesn't teach vocal techniques!", "My teacher doesn't teach belting!"

Dear Singers,

Be honest, is this you…

  • Hiring famous vocal coaches who ONLY work with your repertoire/songs, but DO NOT teach you vocal technique?
  • Having voice teachers make you sound like an opera singer, but you want to sing pop?
  • Tired of hearing this: "Don't belt, it ruins your voice!"
  • Spending A LOT of money working with voice teachers that DO NOT even know how the voice works?
  • Being taught too many myths regarding vocal technique?
  • Buying books on voice teaching that are too theoretically based?
  • Having trouble with singing higher notes and you DO NOT know why?
  • Can't sing on key

If so, you are not alone

I know how you feel...

Hi, my name is Teik Poi Tan and I am a Technical Vocal Coach. In my life time, I am fortunate enough to say that I have gained extensive education in a career path which I love. I got my first degree in Malaysia and later went on to study vocal performance and vocal pedagogy at the Music Academy of Cologne, a widely recognized music school in Europe. Through schooling, I gained my understanding of the importance of having good vocal techniques and vocal control in both classical and non-classical singing styles.


During my postgraduate studies at the Academy and years of attending voice workshops and masterclasses, I noticed that many voice teachers were often famous singers and musicians. They all sang well, had a broad range of repertoire, and some of them even published their books on vocal pedagogy, but none really had the required skills and abilities to teach the amazing art of singing. It was upon that revelation that I found a love for voice techniques. After this realization, I began to search for the right technical coaches. After much work, I finally got the guidance I needed from good vocal teachers – Anne-Marie Speed, Paul Farrington, Gillyanne Kayes, Jeremy Fischer, Helga Westmark and Dorte Hyldstrup. Through them, I manifested my artistic development and teaching skills.


I am a Certified Master Teacher in Estill Voice Training System™ and I am currently working as a Technical Vocal Coach. I offer Vocal Technique Workshops and Estill Voice Training System™ Practice Groups for singers, choir conductors and pedagogues.


Dear Coaches & Conductors,

Imagine you can now...

  • Teach both classical and non-classical singing styles.

  • Teach belting safely, because you understand it and you have tools you can use in your studio.

  • Be proud of yourself, because you have the right answers to your students' vocal questions.

  • Teach your students fact-based vocal technique, so you make your teaching more effective and help your students achieve their goals in a healthy manner.

Dear Singers,

Imagine you can now...

  • Learn the vocal technique that can be applied to the music genres you want: it makes you feel authentic to you!
  • Belt safely and add emotional intensity to each song you want to perform.
  • Expand your vocal range, because you know how your voice works
  • Handle vocal breaks.

Dear Coaches & Conductors, 

Train with me...

  • I will show you how great you are as a teacher, because you can teach your students both classical and non-classical singing styles.
  • Discover how to teach the fact-based vocal techniques in your studio and stop telling your students vocal myths. Your teaching is more effective, you will attract your ideal clients and profits.
  • I will point out the do's and dont's of teaching belting techniques, so that you can help your students to prevent vocal problems.

Dear Singers, 

Train with me...

  • Recognize how your voice works so you can expand your vocal range, avoid vocal breaks, and sing in key.
  • Discover how to handle a wide variety of music genres; you will create more music opportunities for yourself.
  • Get the right approaches for your belting technique so that you can impress your audience with your vocal ability.
  • Identify the benefits of fact-based vocal technique and you are going to save a lot of time and money by not hiring clueless voice teachers.
  • Learn how to use the technique you need for the performance you want, so it fits you perfectly and enables you to enjoy performing.

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