Dear singers, be honest, is this you...

  • hiring voice teachers who do not teach you vocal technique?
  • spending a lot of money working with voice teachers that do not how to teach singing?
  • your teachers do not teach you how to belt?

Dear voice teachers, be honest, is this you...

  • you do not know how to help your studentsĀ solve their voice problems?
  • tired of teaching your students myths and misconceptions in your voice studio?
  • you do not know how to teach pop/belting vocal techniques?

If so, you are not alone

I know how you feel...

Hi, I'm Teik Poi Tan, a dedicated technical vocal coach with a PhD in music, with a focus on voice pedagogy.

I'm passionate about helping singers, vocal coaches, and choir conductors reach their full potential. I've been fortunate to pursue an education in a career path that I'm deeply passionate about. I earned my first degree in Malaysia and furthered my studies in vocal performance and voice pedagogy at the esteemed Cologne University of Music and Dance.

During my studies, I realized the crucial importance of possessing solid vocal techniques and vocal control across both classical and non-classical singing styles. I also noticed a recurring pattern among many voice teachers who were well-known singers and musicians. They excelled in their singing and had an impressive repertoire, but they often lacked the essential skills and abilities to effectively teach vocal techniques.

This realization drove me to seek out the guidance of renowned vocal teachers. Their invaluable mentorship, combined with my PhD studies, enabled me to hone my artistic development and teaching expertise.

Today, I'm dedicated to empowering singers, vocal coaches, and choir conductors with the knowledge and skills they need to reach their full potential. Through my vocal technique workshops, I offer a supportive and nurturing environment for individuals to refine their craft and overcome vocal challenges.

Whether you're an aspiring singer seeking to improve your performance, a vocal coach looking to enhance your teaching abilities, or a choir conductor aiming to elevate your choir's vocal prowess, I'm here to guide and support you on your journey. Together, we will unlock the full potential of your voice and solve any vocal hurdles you may encounter.

Let's embark on this transformative musical journey together!

As a technical vocal coach...

Dear singers, imagine you can now...

  • belt safely and add emotional intensity to each song you want to perform.

  • expand your vocal range, because you know how your voice works.

  • handle vocal breaks.

Dear teachers, imagine you can now...

  • teach both classical and non-classical singing styles.
  • teach belting safely, because you understand it and you have tools you can use in your studio.
  • teach your students fact-based vocal technique, so you make your teaching more effective and help your students achieve their goals in a healthy manner.

Train with me...

Vocal Techniques for Singers

I'll show you how your voice works so you can expand your vocal range, avoid vocal breaks, sing in key, and belt effectively.

Voice Training for Vocal Conductors

I'll show you how you can teach your choral singers contemporary commercial music singing techniques.

Most Requested Workshops: So You Want to Teach Belting Singing

I'll show you how to teach belting singing.

So You Want to Belt: Belting for Singers

I'll teach you how to belt.