Technical Vocal Coach

Malaysia-born Teik Poi Tan is a highly skilled technical vocal coach, specializing in both classical and non-classical vocal techniques for singers and voice teachers. He reviews journal articles on voice pedagogy, conducts vocal technique workshops, and teaches aspiring singers, voice teachers and choral conductors in both Europe and Asia.

Teik Poi Tan began his academic journey at the University of Science Malaysia before furthering his studies in voice performance and voice pedagogy at the prestigious Cologne University of Music and Dance, where he graduated with highest distinction. He also holds a PhD in music, with a focus on voice pedagogy.

As a technical vocal coach, Teik Poi Tan has collaborated with numerous singers, voice teachers, and choir conductors, earning multiple prizes in national and international choir competitions. As a result of his coaching work and collaborations, many choirs have performed in prestigious venues such as Konzerthaus Dortmund, Stadttheater Dortmund, and Musiktheater im Revier in Germany.

Teik Poi Tan is a sought-after mentor who imparts his expertise to all who benefit from his extensive knowledge and experience.